A Little Princess General With the expert David Woroboff, access to health is achieved thanks to technology and digitization

With the expert David Woroboff, access to health is achieved thanks to technology and digitization

David Woroboff has the skills and experience to bring the potential of telemedicine to several areas, enabling patients to receive care at home and ensuring they receive the right care, diagnosis, and treatment at the right time.
Currently, a large percentage of people prefer to resort to telemedicine due to the enormous advantages it offers. The patient experience with this advance allows for excellent care, and excitement for advances in digital assistance continues to grow.
As a specialist in quality standards, David Woroboff has also put all his experience into practice to bring his clients a system of the highest quality. He believes there is greater ease in seeking and accessing health thanks to technology and digitization. His voice in the different digital communication channels regarding prevention acquires special relevance.
Virtual home care allows continuous monitoring of health through remote supervision. This generates a model of constant activity that is disconnected from periodic medical evaluations without need.

Rule out health risks without the need for transfers

The results related to the use of telemedicine are verified, and David Woroboff has been faced with proposals for remote patient monitoring equipment. This is a service aimed at all types of people and ages who want to know their health status and rule out risks without having to go to a medical consultation or even a specialized service.
Some tools even dispense medications, notify doctors if patients miss a dose, monitor and store vital signs, and give doctors access to their patient’s medical information.

With it, total customer satisfaction is achieved.

A person with a high Sigma level, like Mr. David Woroboff, has achieved an optimal quality level, has high stability, knows how to obtain customer satisfaction, is under control, and easily establishes measurement mechanisms within the organization’s processes.

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