A Little Princess General Wade Kricken – Handling the Matters of Real Estate

Wade Kricken – Handling the Matters of Real Estate

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Real Estate Law and Litigation focuses on the laws and litigation regarding real estate, as well as how these laws are applied in practice. Real estate law and litigation are two closely related areas of legal practice that involve transactions concerning the rights, duties, and obligations of people connected with real estate. Real estate lawyers like Wade kricken help their clients with everything from purchasing and selling land to leasing and foreclosing on properties.

The Real Estate department represents clients in a wide range of real estate matters, including residential and commercial transactions, development and construction law, landlord-tenant disputes and title litigation. Real estate law is the practice area of lawyers who are experts in real estate transactions. Real estate law encompasses general commercial and residential real estate transactions, including drafting and review of purchase agreements, sales agreements and development agreements, construction contracts, financing agreements and loan documents, title insurance policies.

What Does Real Estate Cover?

Most attorneys frequently serve as expert witnesses in matters of real estate law and litigation. Real estate law and litigation involves negotiating title searches and closings, drafting affidavits of value as part of mortgage settlements, handling real property tax appeals, representing buyers and sellers in commercial acquisitions and sales, handling disputes involving title searches and closings, preparing wills and trusts for real estate owners, assisting with the purchase or sale of businesses that own real property or lease real property for operations.

Real Estate Law is the body of law governing real property and its transactions. If you are involved in real estate law and litigation matters, you need to understand your rights, obligations and risks. Read “Real Estate Law and Litigation” to gain an understanding of the complicated legal issues surrounding real estate.

In civil law, real estate refers to all immovable things, including land and buildings. Real estate law governs the rights and obligations of owners. The field of real estate law has several core areas of Wade kricken practice dealing with the acquisition, financing, transfer and ownership of real property or land.


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